The Options Indian Doctors Have to Pave a Path to Practice in the US

June 16, 2021

Studies show that in the United States, the number of Indian doctors is noticeably huge. Nearly in each 20 active medical professionals, you can get one Indian or of Indo-American descendant. Moreover, the statistics of study abroad consultants in Delhi mention something important. The largest non-Caucasian section in the medical community of the United States is formed by Indian medical professionals only. Furthermore, the United States is brimming with huge opportunities for career growth. Thus, many medical professionals from India aim to get doctor jobs in that country. However, you must remember that working in the US will be technically challenging and competitive enough. So, before you finalize anything, you need to have a complete overview of the scenario. You can avail yourself of the information from the best overseas education consultant in Delhi. Also, they can help you with different options available for you in the US. Get the details about the scholarships, courses, and fees from them. 


If you have completed your academics in the medical field, you must be holding an MBBS degree for sure. Now, if you wish to practice as a doctor in the United States, you have only two options, as per study abroad consultants.


1. You must complete USMLE part one, followed by USMLE part two from India. After that, you have to avail visa and sit for USMLE part three in the US. 


2. You can apply for a student visa by enrolling in any master’s program in the United States. While pursuing a master’s, you can have preparation for USMLE part three. Then, if you clear the USMLE, you can go for residency in the US. 


However, any study abroad consultant will notice that a few medical professionals choose the second option on a friendly note. Mostly they prefer to pursue the master’s program while preparing for USMLE part three. After completing the tests, they apply for doctor jobs in various hospitals to avail themselves of the residency. 


The Requirements for practicing medicine in The US 



As the study abroad Consultants Guwahati states, residency is basically a paid program. Here, you must invest for three years minimum. But first, you need to complete your residency there. After that, apply for a state board license in the particular state where you wish to practice professionally. You can also take more suggestions on this case from the best UK education consultants in Delhi. 


Details About USMLE 

USMLE is actually an examination for Medical professionals in the US which is conducted in three consecutive steps. The objective of the test is to see how well a medical candidate can apply his knowledge and principles. Because the patient-care skills of a medical professional must be effective and safe. According to the best UK consultants in Delhi, the USMLE steps are —– 


1. USMLE part 1 tests your understanding of the application of essential concepts you learned. Also, it tests some other principles and technicalities regarding health and treatment. 


2. Part 2 evaluates if you can apply your knowledge and skillset carefully and effectively. The main objective is to check your clinical understanding and patient-centered skillsets. It also can be separated into two distinct parts. One is CK, which runs the assessment of your clinical knowledge. And the other one is CS, where a ‘sample patient’ is used to check your patient-care skills. 


3. Part 3 evaluates how reliable you are when you are in an unsupervised setting. It is also a test for your approach to patient management. 


However, USMLE can get you some more opportunities too. Such as the availability of research and academic facility, golden opportunities of specialist and fellowship jobs, validation for NZREX clinical, Validation for ECFMG, etc. 


The End Notes

We believe the information mentioned above is sufficient to answer your basic questions. However, for further in-depth knowledge regarding the admission formalities, visit Admissify today. This institute is there to provide you with the facilities for easy admission. Moreover, you can avail the faculties here that can give you more details about the concerned tests. Also, we have the facility to contact us directly via WhatsApp on 09999127085. So, get all the facilities we have for you and take a step ahead to fulfill your dream today.

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