Which is better FB or Instagram for branding?

July 3, 2021

You can compare these two platforms but not in some specific functions that both have. Like posting an image or video is almost the same on both social media sites. There are several other methods or functions that are available only on one platform. You can easily find the difference if use both. But if we take it as a business opportunity then both platforms have their own advantages. You have to choose which one suits you. After that, you can do your business branding. Here we will help you to choose what will suit your business nature.

Figure out Business model:

People are generating a huge amount of money only from these two platforms. And you want that then you have to understand this simple maths. You have to choose a platform Facebook or Instagram after figure out your business model. You have to snake different strategies in both cases. If you are choosing Facebook then you need to pay some amount. And if you are using Instagram then you have a lot of stuff.

In businesses, Facebook gives good results and in some cases, Instagram can increase your revenue. Facebook ads are very simple and much valuable. Here you get better results in less amount. And Instagram gives you free organic results.

Advantages and disadvantages of Instagram: 

Instagram can provide you the best organic results. And this is one of the best advantages of Instagram. As well as here you can provide more content to your audience as compared to Facebook. And with the help of Instagram, you can engage more with your audience. Here you have to provide content to the audience and build trust. You can not rely on low-quality content as well as some paid ads.  Here you have to start from the beginning. After spending some time on Instagram you would be able to convince your audience to buy your product. It is a very long process. And you have to work on it.

Advantages and disadvantages of Facebook: 

Here the game is entirely different. Here you will get whatever you want just after paying Facebook. You can build your audience here because that would be fully neutral. Because of the Facebook algorithms that do not support organic reach. If you try to grab the audience with organic results then you can never get good results. So if you want to make the best use of Facebook then spend some on it. And this will give you the best results.

 Functional comparison between Facebook and Instagram: 

If you compare the function of both social media sites then you will get that Instagram has more functionality than Facebook. At the same time, Instagram has more content to show its users. People mostly spend more time on Instagram as compare to Facebook. Instagram stories and Instagram reel are much viral nowadays. And that is the reason you get more chances of organic results on Instagram. Although, you can get organic results on Facebook as well. But it is possible when you already a popular brand. Even many popular brands are using Facebook ads for their brand promotion.


So here you got some clear insights about both platforms. Now you have to choose your own path which will give you the best results. And in case you want to buy real Brazilian Instagram followers then we can provide you the real followers. We provide you relevant Instagram and Facebook page followers. So you can check both platforms. First, you should build a better profile on Instagram, and then if it works then carry on with that. And if not then feel free to use Facebook ads.

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