Tech Accessibility Due to Artificial Intelligence

July 5, 2021

Technology is the focal point in today’s world progress. Be it personal usage or a professional task, everybody needs to get indulged in technical aspects for completion of responsibilities. But when technology is not accessible at work place, it becomes a hurdle in the way to employees. Especially, when it comes to facilitate people with disabilities, tech accessibility is of utmost needs. Disable people needs to have a continuous interaction with technical gadgets for fulfilling various tasks. Otherwise, they can’t get the chances of employment. It becomes difficult for them to excel in life. Unavailability of technology makes such people unable to perform their duties due to their disabilities at workplace.

If the organization provides a complete access of technology to people with disabilities, it can optimize organizational as well as individual level. To gives edged to these people, artificial intelligence plays a vital role.  Artificial intelligence is not only restricted to science fiction films as in robots. But also it has a great importance in our daily life. It is more inclined towards the usage of reality and making people with disabilities able to get succeeded in life. AI has truly brought a change in life of people with disabilities. These people can improve their daily life with a prominent pace due to tech accessibility.

Smartphones started making changes in lives of people. Those who have a visual impairment, they can get help through these powerful tools. For example, smart phone camera makes visually impaired people able to read their mails. It happens when they place their documents under the camera of a smart phone. Artificial intelligence is not limited to visual impairment. But it is beneficial for any type of disability. For example, people who can’t move or have the aspect of reduced mobility can control everything. They can do it through a virtual personal assistance for example Amazon Alexa and can perform their daily chores.

Here we will discuss some important aspects that how artificial intelligence has played its role. How it has made possible to excel for people with disabilities through tech accessibility.

Artificial Intelligence and Tech Accessibility:

AI is basically referred to the algorithms or smart machines. These machines are capable of different cognitive tasks that are manmade. From playing games to performing daily chores, artificial intelligence makes it possible to do everything with ease. When it comes to search and get an access to the required information, Google uses machine learning. As the algorithm of Google collects the searches of internet users. It collects the information that what people like on different social network. This way, the algorithm provides more accurate search results for people.

It gives them the recommendations. Billions of people uses Google as a search engine. Therefore, artificial intelligence becomes the central point. Anybody with disabilities can have access to Google and artificial intelligence. In other words, we can say that tech accessibility is really easy for them by Google. In general words, technology has the important part in accessibility. Similarly, artificial intelligence specifically possesses the key role in tech accessibility for disable folks. It is all about how people with disabilities can improve their lives? What artificial intelligence can bring towards tech accessibility for them?


According to a dissertation writing firm, it is challenging for the people with disabilities to communicate with others. In order to get connected (based on the type of a disability), artificial intelligence plays a great role. Tech accessibility through artificial intelligence brings prominent results to enable all for excelling in their fields.

Tech Accessibility for Visual Impaired People:

For blind people, technology makes it easy to get connected with others. There are different ways for this purpose. A few of them are as follow.


Siri is iPhones visual assistant. It helps from doing Google search to text a message to someone. People who have visual disabilities can get benefit from it. It helps them to communicate with others and makes it easy to have a connection with their friends.   


Voiceover is a screen reader. It is directly integrated on iPhones for making communication easy for blind people. The main and actual purpose of Voiceover is to enunciate the messages or any email. But there are several other uses of Voiceover as well. It uses artificial intelligence in order to identify the icons of different apps. It also uses AI for battery level as well as in images to remove the element of inability to see for visual impaired people.

Artificial Intelligence and Tech Accessibility for Deaf People:

People who have hearing issue or if the problem is sever like it reaches to deafness. Tech accessibility and AI play their role here as well


Ava is a transcription app that works by using artificial intelligence. It helps in transcribing the conversation when it comes to have a communication within individuals or groups. There are different aspects that are handled by the algorithm of Ava. For example, it adds punctuation. It adds the name of a talking person. It also includes the essential vocabulary from the dictionary of the user to make things easy for disable people. So that they can follow the conversation, take part in it and don’t get behind in any discussion.

Google Assistant and Siri:

When you have smartphones, you can get help from Siri and Google Assistant. It helps the user to use their smartphones at full extent. The user can be fully connected with its help.

Artificial Intelligence and Tech Accessibility for People with Physical Disabilities:


This app makes a connection with other apps. The people with physical disabilities can use their smartphones. They can use different options of their phones without struggling. Tech accessibility makes them able to perform their daily chores with ease. IFTTT makes the combination with other apps so that performing tasks becomes easy. For example, reading an email aloud is possible. Also, they can send the Tweet.


Tech accessibility due to artificial intelligence enables disable folks to spend their life with ease. It brings opportunities for everyone, despite having any disability in life. So that, such people can have an equal chance of getting successful in life.

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