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July 15, 2021

Are you looking to attract visitors to your business website? For this, you need to know effective marketing strategies. I invite you to discover here some marketing strategies by business branding consulting that work.

And from now on I must tell you that rewards are one of the best known and most effective strategies … We all know it.

For example, there-bet casino bonus allows you to double the first deposit to a user or the rebates for the first month when you purchase a service. Attractive, right?

If you want to have a client portfolio that grows without stopping, you must improve the use of media such as social networks, advertising on web pages, and in other media of digital marketing.

Keep in mind that an advantage of strategies to attract prospects and new clients is that, for the most part, they are easy to execute.

In this article, I present you, concretely and without delay, some marketing strategies that work.

So read the following carefully!

Marketing strategies that work, easy to execute

As we indicate in the image, the ways that a company has to make itself known and reach the public are multiple.

In fact, there are many tools and strategies to attract and retain customers, which support the process to deliver value and meet their needs.

And something important that you should be clear about is that to move forward in this sense, you do not need to invest money, at least at the beginning.

You just have to use time wisely to make a comprehensive study of the market in which we are going to offer the product or service.

They say that there is no better publicity than the good opinions that customers transmit to their environment.

You have listened to it?

But, of course, this statement becomes “true” when we already have customers. The reason why we cannot skip a minimum marketing plan at the beginning of our venture. 

Use of digital platforms

The digital platforms that we use must be available for PCs, mobiles, and tablets, both for Android and iOS.

Thus, any prospect, client or user will have access to the services that are being offered to meet their needs.

There are many tools that are available online that present a series of significant steps when doing good digital marketing.

Among the most common and easy to use I present two:

Reddit: Home to Thousands of Communities and Lots of “Relational Capital”

It involves a series of communities that are linked to a common theme. They develop a forum where you can participate and build business relationships.

In Reddit there are a series of rules that must be followed, including adding value to conversations and with like-minded ideas, getting potential customers.

With this strategy, you can know the type of people who will be more receptive to the product or service that we offer.

In addition, with the comments of other prospects, clients or users, you will have valuable information about the receptivity of the venture.

It is a means to capture information and turn it into knowledge and learning, in favor of our product or service.

Quora: the place to share knowledge and understand the world

It is a question and answer platform that is very well positioned among the main information search engines, such as Google.

The number of monthly visits is very high, which makes it an interesting platform to bring traffic to our website.

Privileged positioning can be obtained with the use of Quora by understanding and answering the question (s) that potential customers ask for the service or product.

A key to success in this platform is that the answers must be understandable for all users and without double meaning. Therefore, simple, concrete, easy to understand and valuable wording should be used in the message.

Customers will be attentive to the answers with more details and with accurate information to clarify their doubts, so Quora is ideal to redirect them to the business website.

“Without a doubt, both Reddit and Quora can be key allies not only at the beginning of your business but at any stage in which you want to aim for goals in attracting new customers.”

Bonuses and gifts, marketing strategies that work!

This is a basic way of driving sales of “something” that people do not yet know and therefore do not have the confidence to buy yet.

Thus, it constitutes a key strategy to gain the trust of prospects that we can then convert into clients.

Free bonuses are an almost certain way to attract new customers (like the casino bonuses, the example we indicated above) that offer a specific and free sum to start the fun.

We all like that in a moment they give us a gift voucher for participating in some type of event, right?

By increasing registrations on the product/service, you will also increase the trust you generate in customers.

A free sample of what you offer will change the way you are seen or perceived in the market while responding to key needs.

Of course, you should think of a free sample that adds value, solves frustration, or brings joy to your potential customer.

Comments to close

Knowing which are the marketing strategies that work or that are most effective should be one of the first steps of any company or business on the Internet.


You would be surprised by the number of entrepreneurs who start their company, their business idea, without any kind of roadmap.

Many start their adventure without tools to sell soon and stay afloat!

That is, they start without a plan to guide them in the actions they have to carry out to achieve their first goals. That is why it is no coincidence that 90% of businesses fail before 3 years.

In this sense, one of the first elements that you should consider in your viability plan is the marketing plan, essential to get customers, generate sales and gain momentum on the road to success.

To finish, I leave you two interesting posts so that you know more about the marketing strategies that work:


Thank you very much for reading us.

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