Impact of Information Technology

July 16, 2021

Impact of Information Technology

Over the last few decades, the field of information technology has made remarkable progress. Information technology has taken the world by storm that is why even in the third-world countries you might see a person without food but you won’t see one without a mobile phone. There has been a great positive impact of the widespread use of information technology in all fields of our lives.

Impact of Information Technology on Business

By and large information technology has been making a huge difference in all aspects of our routine life but it has been affecting the world of business on a much larger scale. The business ventures that once needed in-person meetings are now just a few swipes and taps away. The agreements that were once signed in offices can now get signed through digital signatures.  Gone are the days when the people used to carry cash when going shopping and used to get robbed of all their belongings. Today, you only have to take a credit card along with you, in fact in many countries even carrying cards is not necessary as the ATM machines can get operated through the attested fingerprints. In yesteryears the businessmen had to travel to far off places to sell their products but today all a business has to do to increase its sales is the social media presence of his business, an impressive and up-to-date e-commerce website and some luck.

Recently we have witnessed the significant role of information technology in making things easier for the people scared of Covid-19 pandemic. During the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the opening of new online stores got skyrocketed. There was no country in the world where new e-commerce stores were not opened. The stores used their apps to attract new customers.

Impact of Information Technology on Education

 The use of information technology has altogether changed the lives of students. The students of the past used to go to libraries to make notes. But due to the advent of information technology the students are now able to do all the required research right from the comfort of their homes. Some students who are not able to concentrate on their work can now get in touch with teachers through their android devices. The students who cannot write their essays hire the writing companies like AssignmentwritingInc to get their assignments done within the given time and submitted before the deadline. Writing help service providers do everything through the internet. The students choose a writing service using their computers, they make payment for the task using a computer or a cell phone, and the writers after completing the work email it to the students. The audio-visual technology is used by the schools from the preschool level.

Impact of Information Technology on Medical Science

The widespread use of information technology has helped medical science in working efficiently. It has helped doctors stay in touch with their fellow professionals from all parts of the world. The complicated cases for which the doctors were called for treatment from abroad but now the technology has helped a great deal in conducting meetings in which every important issue is discussed.

In short, information technology has solved a lot of problems.

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