Guide To The UK Government’s NHS Visa

July 31, 2021

The new visa named UK’s Health and Care Visa started accepting applications in August, 2020.There seems to be a shortage of healthcare workers in Brexit territory. The reason is astounding, but true. All the primary care workers who are undergoing training currently, do not qualify for high-end skills for health and care. But the scheme does not really deal with this shortage. The Home Office has all good things to say about the UK’s post-Brexit immigration system. The new health care visa promises to be cheap. Moreover, it makes it easier for people from across the globe to move to the UK as health workers.

Launch Of The NHS Visa

Home Secretary, Priti Patel in collaboration with Matt Hancock, announced the launch of the special visa in the summer of 2021. This pertains to the shakeup of the immigration rules. The NHS visa aims to attract meritorious doctors and nurses to the UK. It is supposed to fuel growth in the UK’s National Health Service. You will be surprised to know that the UK wants to break free from the EU mold. Thus, it has stopped accepting staff from the EU talent pool from January 2021 on wards.

Matt Hancock says, that the UK has always respected and accepted migrant staff. He says that he is proud to be a part of the NHS system. Many healthcare workers have worked relentlessly during the pandemic. And, many are continuing services. Thus, it makes the immigration health surcharge reimbursement as a value addition to cross-country migration strategies.

Key Benefits Of The Visa

The key feature of the NHS visa is a discount on the fee. It is much less, when compared to the Tier 2 visa for highly skilled workers.The fee has been halved to 464 pounds from 928 pounds. However, many people feel that, it may not be able to attract talent from the EU. The fee also does not include other hidden charges like fee to register for biometrics, IELTS, TOEFL, or any legal fees. Applicants will benefit from the points-based system. There will be no limit to the number of healthcare professionals, who can apply. Successful people also do not need to meet the criteria of the 30,000 pounds income requirement of a Skilled Worker Visa.

Moreover, the government is making plans to issue the visa in two-weeks-time. A fast-track visa system is already in existence. However, charges are 250 pounds.The reduced immigration health surcharge will be deducted on an installment basis from the salary. This comes as a welcome relief. For the uninitiated, the UK left the EU in January 2020. This is the Brexit Transitional period. Moreover, the new laws started coming in January 2021. It is a welcome change, both for immigrants, and the UK government. However, social care workers are not included.

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