Move To The UK Without A Job Today – Yes, It Is Possible.

July 31, 2021


The Graduate route visa is now open to international students. UK Home Secretary Priti Patel had announced the same last year. It is a reality today and a life-saver for Indian students. Most students who are looking at educational degrees on international shores check work prospects first. This new Visa paves the way for students who want to stay back in the UK after completing their degree. The visa is now open for applications.


The Graduate Route Visa

Most Indian students aim to become global citizens. This visa aims at Indian students who will work in the UK, after completion of their course. The students can stay back in the UK and work for at least two years. The new rule also enables these future global citizens to stay abroad after securing a great career. However, certain regulations have to be met before they can move.


The UK Government has a point-based immigration system. Now, meritorious students from across the globe and India, can kickstart their careers in the UK. The most popular streams are business, science, the arts and technology. Once, the students receive their final examination grade card, the new visa comes into force. Thereby, enabling students to choose a work life, they have always dreamt of. Last year, almost 56,000 students were granted a student visa. It amounts to a quarter of visas issued by the UK authorities to Indian students.


Know The Intricacies Of Post-Study Work Opportunities



From 1 July 2021, all international students who have successfully completed their undergraduate or master’s degree, will be able to work in UK for two years. Moreover, the doctoral students will be able to stay and work for three years. The Graduate Route visas apply to students who already have a student visa. Graduates can choose skilled work, after finding a suitable job. The visas also apply to students who have already started their course in one of the prestigious UK universities. The students ought to apply for a visa, from inside the UK.


Students have to pay a visa fee of 700 pounds and an Immigration Health Surcharge of 624 pounds annually. The students also need to know about the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies or CAS. They used it for their most recent student application. Then only they can apply for the Graduate Route.


UK Government’s Covid-Related Visa Information



The students who are stuck with online semesters due to the pandemic can also rejoice. Such students are also eligible to apply for the visa. The students can apply before 27 September 2021, to avail themselves of the Graduate Route Visa. However, the visas should be active by that time. Students who have partially attended the classes in the UK, can also apply. However, they need to be present till the end date to make an application there. Thus, this calls for celebrations for students, whose foreign education plans were disrupted due to the pandemic. Dependents of student visa holders already in the UK, can also apply for this route. Get in touch with Admissify for guidance.Our consultants will be there to serve you. Be that as it may, you can either settle on a decision or contact them on Whatsapp now +91 9999 127085.


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