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August 3, 2021

How to Activate HBO Go on Samsung Smart TVs


The newest version of Samsung Smart TVs, the SMART TV, comes equipped with software that allows it to control and access popular channels of any pay-per-view television service, including HBO. With this software, users can choose any of hundreds of channels on their TV and instantly stream the content from any major internet television provider. 


It is as easy as entering “HBO” as the channel name into your TV’s remote control. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be directed to a page on your TV’s screen that displays your TV’s cable or satellite provider’s listing for channels that feature HBO”. If you have signed up for a cable or satellite television subscription, you will see this channel already available on your screen you could check here.


If you have not yet signed up for a television service like HBO, be sure to do so before moving forward. You can do this by going to the channel’s website and clicking on the” Subscribe” or “Reverse” buttons. This application will also work if you are still using an old version of the Samsung Smart TV, which does not automatically recognize channel names. To change your channel preferences, go to the channel’s home page and scroll to the “Channel Preferences” link.


How to Update HBO Max on Samsung Smart Tv?


When you’re finished registering for a new subscription through your cable or satellite company, you should see the channel on your television’s menu. This is the software that allows you to watch HBO content on your Samsung Smart TV. You can move the channel from your primary screen to your viewing area by pressing a small circle near the channel name.


How to activate HBO Go on a Samsung Smart TV? This process is quite easy. The software takes up to less than two minutes, after which you just need to log into your television’s internet browser. On the main page of the browser, go to “Settings.” Once you’ve located this section, you will see a tab for channel data, which contains the names of all the HBO channels.


Click the + sign next to the channel name in the left column. The channel will appear in the list of available channels. Click the Down arrow button next to the channel name until you are ready to select the HBO content you want. If you are unable to view the channel on your television, you should consider restarting your internet browser in the next step.


How to Manage Apps on Samsung Smart TVs?


You must have the latest version of the software that enables your television to recognize channel names from the internet. Unfortunately, some versions of the software require you to install additional plug-ins to use the channel on your Samsung Smart TV. These additional plug-ins will stop the software from recognizing the channel name, so it may not work if you do not have the right plug-in installed. The best way to solve this problem is to update the software on your computer and then download the latest version of the channel switch software.


When you learn how to activate HBO Go on Samsung smart TV, you will also learn how to turn this new feature on and off as needed. Once you learn how to activate HBO Go on your television, you may wonder whether it will ever make sense to pay for the premium cable television service when you can simply turn it on your television at any time. Fortunately, once you learn how to activate HBO Go on your Samsung Smart TV, it makes a lot more sense to pay for the premium HBO service. You may not watch all of the shows you want, but having access to the premium programming on your television will give you great entertainment and save money at the same time.

Learning how to activate HBO Go on Samsung Smart TV is simple and quick. 


Once you download the software, connect your television to the computer and then follow the onscreen instructions provided by the software. Learn how to activate HBO Go on your television by connecting your television to the internet. Then log into your account at HBO’s official website and activate the software by following the onscreen prompts. This should take less than a minute. Then you can start enjoying all of the benefits of watching a variety of HBO programs on your Samsung LCD TV.

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