Veaves Handwoven Products May Help your Home Tell a Story

August 5, 2021

They say house is not an area , it’s a sense . Every house is made from stories, and features a charm and personality of its own. then there are those homes, that always carry a way of distinct character. Because they’re crammed with hand woven and handwoven products. The homes that evoke uniqueness and a pity aesthetics.
Handwoven products, like handwoven dupatta, furnishings and other fabrics, are made by hand employing a handloom. they’re not like typical machine-made, factory-made goods. Maybe that’s why they create a home look and feel more sophisticated. But that’s not all. Read on to understand how handwoven products are different from, and better than machine-made products.


Pollution, heating , global climate change , environmental degradation. These are words you hear or read on a daily basis. But what percentage folks are literally having the ability to try to to something about them?
What if we told you that handwoven products are promoting sustainable living for centuries? 
These products do not use power and do not contaminate the environment because they are hand woven. Plus, there’s less waste generated and fewer CO2 (CO2) emission thanks to the shortage of automation.
The weavers have many opportunities to adopt sustainable practices, while you’ll practice sustainability a la mode .

Farm-grown cotton is collected, cotton fiber is spun into yarn, then it’s woven into cloth on a handloom. Post this, the material is treated with environmentally safe, natural dyes.
Handwoven – the name itself suggests that the faucet of the loom is controlled by a person’s and not a machine. So, each weave feels different. The loom creates a personality . and therefore the professional weavers give great attention to detail. 
All of this contributes to the high quality of handwoven products. And why not!

Comfort and elegance

What is luxury without comfort? Handwoven products are definitely comfortable. Now, we all know comfort is subjective. what’s comfortable for you, might not be comfortable on behalf of me . And vice-versa. But people generally find handwoven products soft and cozy .
Handwoven products made from 100% cotton are far more breathable than polyester and other synthetic fabrics. and that they also are super stylish! the type of favor where you’ll see and feel the difference. Handwoven fabrics immediately make any room look chic, and convey the normal and times together.

The people, for the people, by the people

Producing fabric via handloom uses 9 times more labor than producing fabric via loom . this suggests it gives jobs and income to more people and families. Hence, your buying of handwoven products can help numerous families and can help to stay traditional livelihoods going, while giving them the worth they really deserve.

Now that you know better, consider shopping where you will find a carefully curated range of exquisite handwoven furnishings at Veaves Online Store. 



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