Why Doctors recommend you EMS to your Daily Fitness Routine?

August 28, 2021

Ever thought, whether it is possible? An intensive 20-minute workout that can help you achieve your goals within a single session. Yes, it is, through EMS training in Dubai. EMS is a revolutionary process that keeps the participants healthy and fit 


With just 15-20 minutes of the everyday sessions, you get to change your lifestyle. Now, you must be curious how it is different from a normal workout? Well, in the case of normal work-out, electrical impulses are sent to the muscle which commands them to either contract or relaxes. EMS gym in Dubai works on the same policy. However, the contraction is higher, and the entire workout session is quite intensified. 


What are the benefits of EMS training in Sports?

All you must do is find a suitable workout formula and achieve your fitness level. Athletes and celebrities are also part of this new age fitness training, like Madonna Elizabeth Hurley and Heidi. Including Rafael Nadal, Ronaldo, Usain Bolt, and fitness coach Oliver Schmidtlein, they too support EMS fitness.

1.    Time management

20 to 30 minutes of everyday sessions can help you to achieve your fitness goal. With normal workouts, you cannot expect to get the results in 30 days. So, join an EMS gym in Dubai.

2.             Sessions designed based on the requirement

With EMS training in Dubai, you get a completely evaluated treatment plan which is uniquely based on the problem. Suppose you are suffering from back pain or neck pain or need chiropractic care after post-surgery, then EMS is the suitable answer. 

3.             Non-addictive treatment

Often for fast muscle recovery, people tend to take painkillers which can be either prescriptive or non-prescriptive. This latter becomes addictive causing damage to the organs, particularly the liver. But, with EMS you get treatment right at your home.

4.             Budget-friendly process

To fight muscle tightness, body sore, inflammation of leg muscles, the EMS gym in Dubai, grants an entirely effective and affordable session. You can combine it with a cold shower or other manual adjustments to enhance the recovery rate.


5.             Health benefits

If you feel tired or experience muscle fat fatigue, EMS gym in Dubai is your solution. It helps to easily determine muscular imbalances. Further, if you have low blood pressure, then an EMS training in Dubai offers the best non-intervening medicated form that can raise blood pressure. The devices focus on your lower and upper limbs, and on the torso.

6.             Determine muscle imbalances

While doing squats, you can apply EMS to understand which side is your strongest muscle and which side you need to work on. Impressively, if you think that your body is getting tired, then EMS also has a massage setting. This will reduce muscle soreness within minutes. 

7.             Entirely in your control

Control is in your hands; you can control the EMS suit with your iPad. You will get a water conductor within the electrode. So, the workout begins with the warm-up and then turns into an intensive muscular contraction and relaxation session.


Why do doctors recommend EMS to everyone?

EMS is the most affordable technique to soothe sore muscles. Usually, the patient is asked to lie down, and electrodes are placed on the affected area of the body. Then stimulation is generated through which the impulses travel throughout the body. It can last for 15 minutes, and the intensity is adjusted based on the injury, recovery time rate , and comfort of the patient.


A 20- 30 minutes EMS training in Dubai can be equivalent to a 90-minutes workout or 50-minutes cardio. The electrical currents contract muscles. This EMS training works on involuntary muscle contraction. The added benefits of EMS, in a 2016 study, showed that EMS can reduce body fat and build muscle.


How can an EMS fitness training center help you?

Here, you get the opportunity to lose weight and build muscles in just 20-30 minutes, and that too, without spending much time and effort. Everybody needs to juggle through their office work and household chores. With an EMS fitness regime, one can improve the posture, lose weight because it helps to burn bad fat in our body. It also keeps the mind healthy which helps to improve memory and lets you focus on any work. 


Injured athletes get therapy to relieve the pain within minutes by increasing the recovery rate. Blood circulation gets improved, which leaves an impact on overall health. 


Is EMS training approved and certified?

Now, a valid question comes whether EMS is registered or not definitely — Yes, it is, and it has been approved by FDA. But it doesn’t have long-term health improvement benefits because it is nothing like exercise. Rather it’s a temporary set of toning and muscle treatment which you can enjoy in your leisure time. 



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