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January 15, 2022

TV shows are a big investment, so there is nothing worse when a show that started out as good gets worse over time.
The term binge-worthy has become a common word within society but popular binge-worthy shows don’t always remain as good as they begin. Reddit User pug_boi-1 felt the need to expose the popular shows that remain on their pedestal despite getting increasingly worse over time.
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The Reddit thread prompted even the most dedicated of fans to analyze whether their beloved TV show was actually good or just over-hyped. Here are just ten TV shows that will have you overanalyzing the hours you have dedicated to that all-so-popular series.
Smallville was a successful superhero show that followed Clark Kent and the supernatural powers that he used for good. Everything about this show was good, from the lighting and location to the characters and the way they had been developed over all 10 seasons but the series didn’t quite end as popular as it began.
The show’s storylines began to falter and the uniqueness of each episode was lost when the last episode was not too dissimilar to the new one. Reddit user robert_sanchezs was just one fan who explained the episodes had suddenly become “boring, and repetitive” which is always a risk with shows that focus on one superhero. The series popularity was hindered which saw it end in 2011 after a decade onscreen, some fans were heartbroken to see the end of the much-loved show but others thought its time had come.
From punch ups to siblings supporting siblings, Shameless gave viewers its fair share of comedy, romance, action, and drama. Fans were particularly fond of the show due to it focussing heavily on the development of each character over all 11 seasons.
However, some of the characters began to move on with their lives which saw a shift that viewers argue led to its end. The new characters that were added weren’t as interesting as the earlier ones as argued by Reddit User cnsr0033 who explained that the show was “so great at the start”. The show never quite recovered after the departure of main characters like Fiona, Jimmy, and Shelia who all left Shameless far too soon which eventually saw the end of the show in 2021.
Based on the comic books, The Walking Dead was possibly the most successful post-apocalyptic zombie show in television history. The show promoted diversity through gripping storylines and scenes of pure action and emotion but fans soon lost faith in the show’s future.
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Season 8 was when the show began to become unpopular as many fans felt that the action they had been promised failed to deliver resulting in a confusing storyline. Reddit User Helpful-Substance685 marked the show’s slow fall from grace by stating that it had “been a long, painful fall” with many of the original characters no longer being in the show leading to it becoming less popular and saying its final farewells this year.
Grey’s Anatomy is a show that continues to be talked about just as much now as it was when its first episode was released in 2005. Whilst a lot of the characters have moved on, Meredith Grey remains a character that continues to appear, however, fans are questioning whether the quality of reason seasons but Greenwic was quick to defend the show.
The user explained that the show’s faltering popularity is “just the reality of getting old”, the show is currently on its 18th season but there are only so many storylines Meredith can go through. Some fans have stated that the show has become weathered but the thought of replacing Meredith betrays what made the show so popular which is why other fans want Meredith to get her deserved happy ending.
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was a reboot of the well-loved series Sabrina the Teenage Witch, the reboot proved popular with a perfectly cast Sabrina accompanied by a much more sinister storyline. Overall, the show was a successful reboot until it began to intertwine with Riverdale which also saw a quick demise.
Fans of the show like ToxicBanana69 felt frustrated when the two shows merged with the user explaining they “had to watch Riverdale in its entirety so [they could] understand the Sabrina crossover”. Both shows tried too hard to be different rather than just settling for the refreshing change they had already given viewers. This eventually led to the 2 shows getting worse over time seeing the end to Sabrina but not to Riverdale.
Riverdale put a refreshing taste on a teen drama series, had a pretty great cast, and continued to be a show that moved forward with diversity and inclusion. Riverdale had some interesting storylines, made more fascinating through the unusual setting of the show but fans including Reddit User waldoph wanted to know “WHY CAN’T THEY JUST END IT??”.
Fans of Riverdale suggested that the show’s writers are partly to blame for its demise with many episodes leaving viewers cringing with its questionable dialogue and musical numbers. The plot had also become more confusing which left a lot of viewers lost in Riverdale‘s weird subplots that fans failed to understand. However, some fans remain loyal and advocate that the show had begun catering to a new set of viewers which is potentially why previous fans have moved away from the former popular TV show.
The Simpsons has been an animated fan favorite for decades with viewers finding comfort in the onscreen family, it has become a timeless watch with many of its early episodes being shown even today.However, the new episodes have become a controversial topic with fans including twofeetcia who asked “how is that show still on?!?”.
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Earlier seasons of The Simpsons used observational humor to pinpoint and clever dialogue to create humorous scenarios based on real-life but the new series has abandoned the clever elements that made The Simpsons so popular. The show has instead replaced it with toilet humor and characters that lack depth. All of this combined has left viewers wanting the show to end but its recent demise has not hindered the popularity of the earlier seasons.
Family Guy is another animated favorite that focuses on the Griffin family and their ability to keep falling into awkward but outrageously funny situations. Similar to The Simpsons, the show was very cleverly written with its ability to incorporate real life into animation alongside recent trends but in recent years fans have fallen out of love with the show.
Reddit User, pug_boi-1 felt as though “the show’s writers [were] running out of ideas” which has led to the show going from a quirky and refreshing series to just another family animation. The user was also quick to defend the show explaining that “once in a while you do get a gem”, hopefully, the writers of the show will aim to improve the storylines get the show’s popularity back on track.
Money Heist became a popular dubbed show that went viral due to its interesting characters and storylines. Action series can often rely heavily on stunts to keep viewers interested but Money Heist retains the attention of viewers through deep character development, intricate storylines, and merging genres.
The show ended in 2021, but fans had a lot to say about the final season with ExplanationSweet6973 stating that “it started out so good but damn that last season was pretty bad”, the final season was ended up being heavily criticized by fans. Money Heist ended with no plot twist and many of the best characters dying which abandoned the things fans loved most about the show. Although some fans were disappointed, others were happy that they got a somewhat happy ending after 5 seasons of dedication.
From failed marriages to family fights, Keeping Up With The Kardashians became a staple of reality TV but in the final few seasons, fans grew tired of the family drama including mOp_49 who thought the show had gone “completely downhill.”
Its fall from grace began when the family tension escalated, the sisters seemed to constantly be arguing with Kourtney and Kim having a physical fight that left even die-hard fans struggling to watch. The show became less light-hearted drama something viewers loved about the show resulting in KUWTK finishing in 2021.
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