It’s Twitter official! Jim Cantore is heading to NC as state braces for up to 12″ of snow in some areas – WNCT

January 15, 2022

(QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Jim Cantore, the Weather Channel Meteorologist with a track record for showing up during major storms, announced on Twitter Friday that he’s headed to Asheville, North Carolina.
@JimCantore will you be in NC this weekend? If so, where? ❄️
Cantore replied to Queen City News’ question Friday, saying that he would be headed to Asheville. While accumulations are sure to change, QCN’s Pinpoint Weather Team is expecting up to a foot of snow for the highest elevations while the foothills settle somewhere in the 6” to 8” range.
Places along the I-40 corridor will be around 4-6” with locations just south to I-85 getting 2-4”. The southern half of the Queen City and southward will likely land somewhere between T-2” of snow.
Another concern would be the ice where snow totals are limited. It doesn’t take much ice to cause a number of problems on the roadways, so the potential for a 0.25” of ice can lead to some issues Sunday afternoon. There could also be up to a 0.5” of ice possible across our south and east counties.
Be aware of slick spots on the roads and downed tree limbs Sunday, which could impact power lines and cause power outages. Breezy and blustery conditions on the back end of this storm will also enhance some of these threats.
Cold temperatures will settle in on the back end of this storm which will pose the threat of black ice on untreated and scarcely traveled roadways. The black ice threat will last until mid-morning Monday, especially for our mountain and foothill counties.
Cool and breezy conditions will settle in on Monday with below normal temps lasting until mid-week.
Cool and breezy conditions will settle in on Monday with below normal temps lasting until mid-week.
Tonight: Cold & Mostly cloudy. Low 32.
Saturday: Plenty of clouds and chilly. Hi: 45
Sunday: Wintry weather, Slick travel. Hi: 34 Lo: 30
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CHARLOTTE, NC (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Saturday will be quiet ahead of our winter storm. Expect mostly cloudy skies and highs in the 40s. This is your time to prepare. Do you have a flashlight and batteries in case power goes out? Do you have extra snacks and games to pass the time on Sunday? Think ahead, today is your day to get last-minute errands done.
Snow starts to roll in Saturday night, probably around midnight-2 AM. We’ll start with a burst of snow for most of the area. By morning, a layer of warm air upstairs in the atmosphere will start to melt and refreeze the snow in spots.


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